Getting started 

The first order of business is getting to know our client. Who uses the kitchen? Are they cooks, bakers or do they order out? How big is the family? Pets? How old are the kids? Entertain a lot? Staying long or selling soon? The more we know, the more personalized the design. Our goal is to reach your dream kitchen.

Our services

We offer free in-home consultations, bringing "the showroom" to you. We help with all aspects of the renovation including cabinetry, fixtures, lighting, appliances, countertops, tiles and installation. With your input, we provide you with designs and a detailed pricing breakdown, also free of charge. We work with many local and web vendors and pass our trade discounts to the client. We earn our fee through the sale of the cabinetry. So there's no charge unless you are happy with us!

Limitless possibilities

Optimize according to your budget

Beautiful and affordable

Custom bathrooms